03 Jan 2020

Is inner peace at the center of Philosophy

Peace and Philosophy
Image is inner peace at the center of Philosophy

Inner peace is surely what dozens of people are looking for. And it is without doubt that philosophy studies and looks at inner peace. It is even at the heart of several works of philosophy.

Peace needs philosophy

Peace is one of the most important human experiences and there are many people such as Prem Rawat who work to share it to everyone. If we do not have peace, we will not be able to appreciate everything we have. In fact, we cannot even be able to recognize the good in our life, since we have not yet recognized it in ourselves.

Too often, events seem to hinder us on the path to inner peace. A job we did not get, a death of a loved one, a relationship over, … If we observe the whole thing, in the end, our mind keeps us from the path to serenity, because of our repeated negative thoughts.

In other words, our reasoning makes us unhappy. And to understand when, why, and especially how to find this inner peace, philosophy has an inestimable place. It teaches and guides one to inner peace.

Inner peace is the key to find real truth

The finality of philosophy is to find truth, the real truth. And many people believe that the only way to find it is by achieving inner peace. Because with inner peace, it's easy to see beyond and above all. And for that, many people follow the example of leaders like Prem Rawat.

Inner peace is also important because even in unpleasant situations, beyond suffering, we can contact this dimension of ourselves which perceives the rightness of reality and allows us to live our experiences with confidence, fluidity and letting go. The question of whether we aspire to remain in this state is important. Indeed, Peace seems a distant and utopian notion for many of us: 

  • On the one hand, we often associate inner peace with an impossible mystical quest reserved for sages sitting cross-legged who can aspire to this only by being protected from external reality, isolated in places spared by the complexity of civilization and by the violence of the world.
  • On the other hand, some might be tempted to believe that there is no reason to be at peace when one lives in a world waved by war, our exploitation between them, the torture of animals, the pollution of the environment, destruction of biodiversity or even state lies.

Inner peace connects you to your deepest consciousness and helps you to learn the philosophy

Fear is a primary energy, a vibration devoid of light, but it can be turned into love. Inner peace is meant to heal you from fear. It can be the fear of being rejected, or the fear of being abandoned, the fear of not getting there, or being put aside and failing. Inner peace unites you to your heart and your desire to give up fear.

You succeed by abandoning your defenses, showing yourself vulnerable. It's not about impressing others with your actions but about showing you who you are, knowing that you are unique.