Are there several states of inner peace

Image Are there several states of inner peace

Having inner peace is a having a state of mind that convinces everyone and can fight stress and anxiety in daily live. The GPI, with the scores rank the states from the most peaceful to the last peaceful with many criteria. Let see if these countries have inner peace.

Because of many states getting the score for being the most peaceful, we are led to ask questions.

Are there several states of inner peace?


Iceland is considered as the most peaceful state around the world. Iceland is not only known as a peaceful country but a serious academic study stated in 2006 that it's the happiest country around the world. However, this country presents the highest rate for children, precisely the birth in Europe.

It is the first country with the highest rate of divorce. It could be surprising that broken families are the happiest. It's confirmed and justified that being single parents are happier and easier than with a failing marriage.

New Zealand

This country has got the second Prize for being the second most peaceful country around the world. In March 2019, a terrorist attack threatened the country. However, the Prime Minister said, "We are you, you are us" to mark the unity of the people of New Zealand and their solidarity with their Muslim minority. This action shows that New Zealand people are happier because forgiveness is the sign of having inner peace and the sense of accountability.

In addition, New Zealand has adopted peace education. Similar to Prem Rawat's policy, peace education is important for the country. Children, youths, adults are all responsible citizens and are able to live in harmony by themselves.


Being the third peaceful country around the world, the surprising fact indicating how this state has inner peace is through the creation of peaceful retirement home. Monte da Palhagueira, in the southwest part of Portugal, has a retirement home with panoramic views and serene environment.

A survey was conducted to know about the comfort that this retirement home provides for its pensioners. The investigator said that even if it costs much in terms of money, peace cannot be bought. Then, they prefer living in this expensive place rather than being in another country where mind tranquility will never be attained.


It's the 4th country for GPI for being among the most peaceful countries. The Austrian Center for the Study of Peace and Conflict Resolution is a center whose goal is to work for the establishment of peace and to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. In addition, it also promotes the Peace ideas in its environmental, economic and developmental aspects. This center is promoting inner peace too. It means that spreading the culture of peace causes people to have minded tranquility.

Prem Rawat, a peace ambassador, has the same strategy to cultivate the idea of peace by creating The Prem Rawat Foundation which has the vision for peace education, and distribution of food aid for the impoverished people.

A happy individual is considered as a person having inner peace. This list proves that happiness rhymes with peace. So, there are several states of inner peace, there are the most peaceful countries around the world.