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While Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are fantastic places to shop, they are also great places to work. For the ease and convenience of their employees, they have created the Macys InSite login system at The InSite Login is a system for Macy’s and Bloomingale’s employees to access important information. The purpose of the InSite system is to provide Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s associates with vital information regarding benefit programs, paychecks, company news as well as other pertinent information. Employees can keep track of their work schedule, monthly income, newsletters, and company notifications. When tax season comes around, Macys InSite allows employees to access their W2’s, as well as their 401K and Social Security information. The InSite system keeps associates’ information secure, but at the same time, easy to access. If a password is forgotten, it can be securely changed without worries. Also, employees may keep an eye on their medical and dental plan coverage through the InSite system. Employees no longer have to navigate through the corporate hierarchy to get their questions answered, and can now take matters into their own hands at just the click of a mouse. For those working at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s the InSite system simply makes life simpler. – Bloomingdales and Macys Associates site

There’s no doubt at all that there comes a time in the life of every employee when they need to organize their personal information required by their employer, in such a way that it is always accurate and free of any errors or outdated information. Over the years, many employees have learnt the hard way, that failure to provide an employer with accurate personal information or the failure of updating one’s personal information from time to time, has not only prevented them from accessing certain important employee benefits, but has also hindered them from climbing up the corporate ladder in a timely fashion or manner.

It is true that even if one provides their personal information to their employer accurately at the time of being employed or getting hired, there are many normal or natural lifetime events that can necessitate the updating of this information in order to maintain accuracy. Some of these lifetime events include but are not limited to: marriages that may require name change for the woman, divorce that may require name changes too or even deaths in the family that may necessitate the changing or alteration of insurance policy benefits; and this is where the site, come in handy for all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s associates.

Traditionally, any time that one needed to submit or update their personal information with their employers, the process involved setting up a meeting with a Human Resource representative or an employee of the company in charge of such duties, and then go through a time-wasting and tiresome process to have all the files updated manually. Today, with the marvels of modern-day technology and the far-reaching power of the internet, this is no longer the case; and all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s associates can accomplish this task as many times as they wish through the Macys Insite website.

In here, all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s associates can also quickly and conveniently get their personal information and specific details about their latest or current employee benefits program that helps them to keep abreast with any current changes that may impact them or affect their families. They can also get instant information about their paychecks that helps them to not only check the accuracy of their paychecks, but to also get the documentation quickly and easily whenever they need it to apply for a loan somewhere or just to provide a proof of income for any benefit outside the company.

It is also very important for the employees of a company or the associates of any organization to keep up with the latest news about their company as it enables them to be more knowledgeable when dealing with clientele, as well as helping them to make long-term decisions concerning their employment. At Macys Insite site, all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s employees can easily and instantly get access to the latest news about their company as well as much more information that usually takes days or several appointments at work to access. It is crystal clear that this is by far, one of the best solutions for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s employees to exploit when it comes to managing and staying on top of the game when it comes to their personal information.

Changing Careers: Insightful Books to Guide You Through the Process

The process of changing careers can be a frightening one. It is a process that typically entails moving from the known into the unknown. People going through the process typically have concerns at to whether, for instance, they will thrive in the new careers, whether they’ll enjoy the new careers, whether their financial security will be guaranteed in the new careers… and so on. The books we are about to look at can help someone who is in the process of changing careers deal with those and other issues surrounding the career selection process. The books in question are:

Talane Miedaner’s “Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life”

This books offers you all guidance that you need in order to make a career transition without subjecting yourself – or subjecting your loved ones – to unnecessary pain. The guidance in this book is organized into 7 easy to remember steps whose logical-sequential nature also makes them truly easy to put into practice. This particular book doesn’t offer abstract advice, but practical advice based on the author’s own career change experience, as well as experiences of clients that the author has worked with. Almost every concern that you could possibly have as you go through the career change process is dealt with adequately in this book, which we recommend to anyone who is considering changing careers.

Talane Miedaner’s “Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life” is available from the Amazon Bookstore.

Alexandra Levit’s “New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career”

This book offers guidance for the various phases in the career change process: from the difficult phase preceding the transition to the phase where the transition actually takes place and onto the phase following the transition. Alexandra Levit avoids abstractness, and instead offers one-on-one guidance: and reading the book feels as if you are actually having a chat with a career counselor. The book deals with not only the logistics of getting a new job, but also other critical things like protecting your financial security as you go through the transition and helping your family cope with the transition. By the time you are through reading this book, you will have learnt that making a career change is not as hard as you may fear, and you will subsequently feel empowered to make the transition (if it is something that you really need to do).

Alexandra Levit’s “New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career” is available from the Amazon Bookstore.

Nicholas Lore’s “The Pathfinder:  How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success”

It is widely accepted that what most people are looking for in their careers boils down to satisfaction and success. Nicholas Lore shows you how you can attain those things. If you are in a career where you are not achieving satisfaction or success (or both), this book demonstrates how you can gradually make the transition to another career where you’d have a greater probability of achieving satisfaction and success. Rendered in the simplest language, this book gives you the confidence you need to maneuver yourself to a career where you can find real happiness. The book also shows you how you can thrive in the career, and hence achieve both satisfaction and success, once you manage to make the career switch.

Nicholas Lore’s “The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success” is available from the Amazon Bookstore.


Macy’s InSite – Forgot Your Password?

If you are a Macy’s or Bloomindale’s employee, then chances are that you have already experienced the ease and convenience of the InSite Login system.

At your fingertips lies access to information regarding your income, benefits, taxes, newsletters, and scheduling. But every now and then, you may forget your password. It’s bound to happen, even to the best of us. Or perhaps you’d just like to reset your current password. Either way, there is no reason to worry. The InSite Login system makes changing or resetting a password safe, secure, and easy. To change or recover your password, all you need is your 8-digit employee ID number. You should be the only one with access to that information other than your superiors, making this a secure system for resetting a password.

Once the login system has validated your identity using your employee ID number, you will be sent directly to Macy’s and Bloomindale’s Password Reset Tool website, where you will be able to reset your password to one of your choosing, all in a matter of minutes. Rest assured that this is a secure process.

With such a safe and easy solution, there’s no need to fret when you have forgotten your InSite password. You’ll be accessing all of your essential employee information in just minutes. Frequently Asked Questions

What Role Does Serve? serves the role of giving the employees of Macy’s Inc. access to their personal details on things like their paychecks, their shift schedules, their commissions (where applicable), their associates’ discounts… and so on. You will notice that Macy’s Inc. is one of those companies that really seem to aspire to do everything that is possible to make life easy for their employees. One way of doing so is by having an online portal where the employees can access information that would otherwise have required a visit to the HR office. The portal in question is designed to be sophisticated, to a level where, for instance, and theoretically speaking, employees can even ‘advertise’ shifts, and have people who are interested take them up (such that an exchange takes place).

Is there another webpage serving the same role as

Yes, there is another webpage serving the same role as That is You notice that upon either entering or, you are taken to the same place, where upon logging in, you can access your employee personal information.

What are the options for accessing

There are several options for accessing, including:

  • By entering the URL (the website’s address) directly into your browser, if you can remember it.
  • By searching with the help of Google, Bing or some other search engine.
  • By making use of a bookmark.
  • By clicking on a link from an article, Twitter, Facebook or some other site.
  • By clicking on the ‘in-site’ main menu item provided at

How is the login procedure at

It is simple. It entails, firstly, clicking on the roundish ‘login button’ on the top of the page at or That is followed (on the next page) by the entry of your 8-digit employee identification number, followed by the password and then clicking on the button provided for signing in.

How is the registration procedure at

No registration per se takes place at or Every employee of Macy’s Inc. already has an account on the system. or only provide means of access. That said, one has to prove that he or she is really the employee in question the first time he or she visits the site, before being allowed to set up a password for future access.

When does one’s account get locked at

One’s account may get locked if one repeatedly keeps on entering the wrong details on the ‘alternate sign in’ page. If one has stopped being an associate of Macy’s Inc., access to the account may prove impossible.

How can one get his or her account unlocked at

There is a ‘help’ link on the ‘alternate sign in’ page, and this is the link to click on, in order to access information on how to initiate the process of getting the account unlocked.

Macys Insite – Browser Requirement

If you are an employee of Macy’s and would like to logon to In-Site to view your personal information, check work schedule, get to know your benefits or for any other reason, you need to understand some requirements that must first be satisfied. Of course you need a computer connected to the internet, but after that there are browser requirements your system must satisfy in order to access Macy’s Insite.

If the computer you would like to use to logon to Macy’s In-Site is running Microsoft Windows, it should at least have Internet Explorer which must be version 7 or better. Any earlier version will not display the In-Site page properly and as a result of that you will not be able to perform logon or even do anything else after that. The browser requirements for the interactive web-based tool are somehow strict because even other types of browsers regardless of their versions do not seem to be fully supported. When using unsupported browser on Microsoft Windows to open the Macy’s In-Site, you will get a message at the top section warning you that you have not used at least 7 or later version of Internet Explorer.

If your operating system is Mac OS X 10.2.x or later, then you would need to use Firefox, at least version 3 or a better one in order to successfully logon to Macy’s In-Site. Meeting all the browser requirements is very important if you want to access In-Site and accomplish everything you need while enjoying the best experience. You will also need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader at least version 7 or better as it would work with your browser, Internet Explorer or Mac OS X 10.2.x, to open access the information after logging on to In-Site.

In order to get the best experience while using Macy’s In-Site, you while also need to make sure that your browser is set to allow cookies. If using Internet Explorer, you will need to check and set your security settings. To do that, you will need to go to Tools and then Internet Options from where you will need to click on the Security tab. You will need to enable JavaScript, cookies, and style sheets. After meeting all these browser requirements and ensuring the right settings where applicable, you will also need to ensure that your system is set to a compatible resolution. In-Site will best display at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or better.